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Red Tails Breakfast A Success

Today was a historical day at the Hyatt Hotel, at Orlando International Airport.  Many came to witness the announcement that Mr. Syd Levy has backed the funding, building, and erection of the ONLY monument dedicated solely to the Red Tails Pilots.

Vision of Flights, Michael McKenzie kicked things off with an introduction to the program and was followed by Father Rudy Cleare, who offered his Blessing over the breakfast, those in attendance, and the event.

In attendance were Lt. Col. Leo Gray and Lt. Col Hiram Mann, both distinguished gentlemen spoke and shared historical stories and facts about their service and the service of their fellow pilots.

Vision of Flights, Thomas Duffy, spoke and shared his personal story with aviation and what it has meant to his life and how it continues to impact him on a daily basis.

The Vision of Flight would like to thank our own Lori Darin, the Hyatt Hotel and it’s staff; especially Big MAC and Sheri for helping our event run smoothly.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements and news regarding the monument dedication, happening in March 2013!

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