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Historical Breakfast To Sell Out

VIP’s, dignitaries, local prominence, and multiple Tuskegee Airmen/Red Tail Pilots will be filling the room at the Orlando International Airport Hyatt Hotel on November 27th for a historical breakfast and announcement.  Stay tuned for video, photos, and updates of this incredible event.  For now, please view this grand Tuskegee Tribute !

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  1. Jai Brown says:

    Mr. McKenzie,

    Is there a way for Jai to interview/meet the Tuskegee Airmen/Red Tail Pilots for his History Fair Project? I’m hoping that he can at least get some information about their experiences. Let me know! Jai can be contacted at 407-715-2078 or 407-618-9597.

    • editor says:

      When is the History Fair Project? Were you wanting him to meet them at the Breakfast? Unfortunately, I didn’t get this comment in time or else we would have had him attend. Keep in mind, we will be holding many more events and the monument dedication will be in early March! Thanks for your question.

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