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The Past

Vision of Flight exists as living history; a continuation of the “Red Tail Pilots” – the men who flew for the Tuskegee Airman.

There were 932 Pilots trained at Tuskegee, Alabama, of whom 355 airmen were considered to be an elite group of Fighter Pilots who were sent to various bases in Europe.  These pilots made up four squadrons (99th, 100th, 301st and 302nd) that eventually merged, becoming the 332nd Fighter Group of the 15th Air Force.

Of the 355 Airmen (The Red Tail Pilots):

  • 80 were killed.
  • 32 were prisoner’s of war.
  • 17 were shot down, but evaded capture.

Vision of Flight seeks to commemorate the bravery of the Red Tail Pilots with a statue to be erected outside the Orlando Science Center in Loch Haven Park/Orlando, Florida; the only public commemoration of the remarkable achievement and sacrifice of the Red Tail Pilots.